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InterMapper provides real-time visualization of network status.

With the device auto-detection function, each device on the mapped network is displayed graphically, and you can check the operating status and traffic status of each at a glance.

[Network is not visualized]

[Network is visualized]


Can be identified as a problem and can concentrate on troubleshooting

It takes time to respond to inquiries by phone, and trouble recovery is postponed.

If visualization is like medical treatment

Identify problems using CT scans and MRI

Identifying problems by palpation and interviews

  1. Graphical and real-time network monitoring

  2. Easy-to-read map that can be created in drill-down format

  3. Alert notifications according to administrator work status

  4. Network search by automatic device detection

  5. Remote monitoring is possible even on smartphones and tablets

  6. Flows analyzer compatible

  7. Wide range of applications from network monitoring to evaluation

  8. Multi-platform

  9. Can be linked with other software

  10. Offer at an affordable price

What Does Network Monitoring Software Do?

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