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​SAP Business One

We provide ERP packages that focus on quality because we have been close to our customers' business for over 60 years.

SAP Business One Main 4 Modules

01 01


Automate your accounting and accelerate your banking operations with one ERP solution. Integrate finance operations with other processes to accelerate transactions and improve cash flow.

02 02

Sales & CRM

Efficiently manage the entire life cycle of sales activities and customer interaction. By understanding prospects and existing customers from an integrated perspective, you can better respond to their needs.

03 03


Get accurate insights on goods movements, inventory levels, and inventory locations. You can also generate real-time reports on updates, ratings, availability and pricing effectiveness.

04 04


Gather data from multiple sources and generate timely and accurate reports based on enterprise-wide data. Choose from a variety of report formats, dashboards, and configurations.

SAP Business One Implementation Flow

1. 1. Project Planning​

 We will create a WBS for the project, hold a kick-off meeting, clarify our system, the customer's system, and clearly state the person in charge. In the course of performing the subsequent tasks, whenever issues arise due to the system, we will proceed with this kick-off meeting in consultation with the counselor-in-charge.

​2. 2. Installation

Install SAP Business One in your environment.

The installation environment can be selected from cloud or on-premises. It is recommended that customers with unstable Internet environments in some areas use on-premise as much as possible.

3. 3.​ Standard Training

To understand the standard functions of SAP Business One, we will conduct operation training according to the business flow.

4.​ Requirement Survey & Mapping Solution

We will listen to your business requirements and compare it with the standard features of SAP Business One. On top of that, we will arrange functions that do not have any problems with standard functions and functions that require add-ons, drop them into requirement definition documents (BruePrint), and clearly document customer requirements in this system.

5. Preparing Master Data

 Prepare various master data such as customer / vendor master, Item master, warehouse master, BOM master, account master.
We will always support how and what data you need.

6. Development

Based on the requirement definition document, SAP Business One parameter settings and customization of individual customer forms are performed. Although we may offer add-on functions for SAP Business One provided by our company, we will not provide individual customization based on customer's individual requirements.

7. Pilot Test & Operation Training

We will use SAP Business One developed for customers according to the actual business, and fine-tune the gaps that arise as needed

8. Opening Balance setting & Go alive

Set the trial balance in the system and start the production operation.

Check that the monthly closing process is completed without any problems.

9. Project Closing

Close this project.

(And It is assumed that you will fee to thank us at this time.)

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